When you are Toastmaster of the day;

*What to do

  1. Announce the meeting theme and roster through the facebook group and e-mail in advance. (Contact officers for the e-mailing list.)
  2. If you need role takers, ask members to volunteer. You can also seek support from other Toastmasters Club.
  3. Make sure Grammarian and Table Topic Master to prepare their roles around the meeting theme. (Table Topic Questions and Word of the Day)
  4. Make sure all prepared speakers to update their speech title at least one day before the meeting.
  5. Think about how you are going to introduce role takers. (Asking a theme question can be an option.)
  6. Don’t forget to bring your Competent Leadership Manual in order to get feedback.
  7. You will set the tone of the meeting. Warm up your hands for all the clapping, smile and maintain lots of eye-contact!


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