When you are timer of the meeting;

*What is Timer?

As Timer you are responsible for monitoring time for each meeting segment and each speaker.

*What to do

  • Obtain color cards from Sergeant at arms or other officers. (Green, yellow and red one)
  • Understand different time limits for each speech to make sure you show the right signal to the speaker.
    • Table Topic Speech : 1-2minutes
    • Prepared Speech : depends on speech project. Check the agenda. (Usually 5-7minutes)
    • Evaluation : 2-3minutes
  • Make sure that the speaker recognize your signal.
  • Make notes of each speech’s time and report to Toastmaster when called upon.
  • During the prepared speech session, we have 1 minute between speeches to write feedbacks to the speaker. Check 1 minute and let Toastmaster know that time is up.
  • (If you are a paid member) Bring your Competent Leadership Manual in order to get feedback.


  • TMI Official site – Timer
    • https://www.toastmasters.org/Membership/Club-Meeting-Roles/Timer
  • Toastmasters: Your Role as a Timer – Script and Video Examples
    • http://royceto.com/toastmasters-your-role-as-a-timer-script-and-video-examples/

*Sample script

Good evening, my fellow toastmasters & welcomed guests!

I’m pleased to be the timer of tonight’s meeting.

One important skill of a good speaker is to express a thought within a specific time. As the timer, I will help you develop this skill.

For every speech there is a minimum time requirement and a maximum time requirement. For example, a table topics speaker has 1 to 2 minutes to deliver the speech. The green card is showed when the minimum time – 1 minute is reached, the yellow card is showed when it’s halfway to the maximum time, and when the maximum time – 2 minutes are reached, the red card is showed. But you still have 30 seconds to conclude your speech.

I will present my report when called upon. I will tell whether a speaker qualifies or not!

Mr./Madam Toastmaster!