New member, start here!

Welcome to Incheon Toastmasters Club! I’m 1000% sure that you are going to learn a lot and have tons of fun together with us. 

Here is a friendly what-to-do guide for you.

1. Set up your account on

When you’ve just got registered, you need to set up your own password to log in. Go to ‘Reset your password‘ page and submit your e-mail address. You will receive a guide to reset your password through e-mail.

2. Enroll in Pathways

‘Pathways’ is the name of education program in Toastmasters International. There are 10 paths to choose from depending on your needs and goals. 

In order to choose your path and enroll in the program, go to ‘Take Assessment and Choose your path‘ page. Select ‘Base Camp‘ unless if you have very specific reasons to have printed materials. When you select ‘Base Camp’, all the resources will be available online. 

3. Access your base camp and start your journey!

Go to ‘Start Pathways‘ page and select the ‘Log in as a member‘ icon to launch the program. 

4. Check your next assignment/project

You will see the path you selected. In the screenshot above, it is ‘Visionary Communication’. Click ‘Open Curriculum‘ to check details of your next and upcoming projects.

In order to start a project, click ‘Activate‘. Once it’s activated, you will see ‘Launch’ icon to access the materials. 

5. Download the evaluation sheet for your project

When you plan to deliver your speech at a club meeting, you need to bring a corresponding evaluation sheet for your speech evaluator. 

Towards the end of the project, you will see ‘Your Evaluation’ page which contains a pdf file of the evaluation sheet. Click on the link ‘Evaluation Resource‘. Please print it, bring it to the club and give it to your evaluator.

Or you can download all evaluation sheets on this link.

6. Complete your project

After you deliver the speech, open your project and complete ‘Assess your skills – after’ questionnaire. At the final question, you will see ‘Submit’ icon to complete your project.

When you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact our VP Education or your Mentor!