How to become a member

If you decide to become a regular member of Incheon Toastmasters Club after visiting us once or twice, that’s more than awesome! Please follow the description on this page. Welcome onboard, new ICTMers. 😀

4 steps to become a member

  1. Submit your member application at
  2. Transfer your membership fee to the Treasurer’s account.
  3. Let Treasurer (or any other officers) know that you paid.
  4. Your work is done and you will be notified when you are registered in Toastmasters International website.

How much do I pay for my membership fee?

Monthly Fee

Members pay international dues of  US $7.5 (8,250won) per month. (Currency rate : 1,100won per USD)

Incheon Toastmasters Club also collects two additional fees from all members.

  • Meeting Venue Rental Fee : 1,000won per meeting (4,000won per month)
  • Club Management Fund : 1,000won per month (for purchasing club goods)

This makes total 13,250won per month for all members.

Total Calculation

When you apply for Toastmasters International Membership for the first time in your life, one-time registration payment of US $20 (22,000won) is required. After that, anywhere you go on planet, you will not pay registration fee. All you need to pay is monthly international dues.

Membership period of Toastmasters International starts in April and October. Depending on when you apply for your membership, your membership period for the term can vary.

  • Starts on April or October : 6 months
  • Starts on May or November : 5 months
  • Starts on June or December : 4 months
  • Starts on July or January : 3 months
  • Starts on August or February : 2 months
  • Starts on September or March : 1 month

membership renew


If you apply in August, you need to pay

  • Monthly membership fee : ( 8,250 + 4,000 + 1,000 )*2 = 26,500
  • One-time Registration fee : 22,000
    • Total 48,500won

If you apply in April, you need to pay

  • Monthly membership fee : ( 8,250 + 4,000 + 1,000 )*6 = 79,500
  • One-time Registration fee : 22,000
    • Total 101,500won


You can find the bank account number at