What is Grammarian?

As Grammarian, you make note of any incorrect grammar used by any speakers. You function as a part of the meeting’s evaluation team and give a report at the end of the meeting of any incorrect and unique grammar used.

Being grammarian is truly an exercise in expanding your listening skills. It is a great opportunity to learn the names of your fellow toastmasters and to refresh your own knowledge of grammar.

What to do

  • Chooses the Word of the Day. The Grammarian introduces the word of the day and its definition, using it in a sentence to help build our vocabularies. It is important that the grammarian learn to pronounce the word and practice the pronunciation prior to the meeting. If possible, pick a word that ties in with the theme for the meeting. People with speaking opportunities during the meeting are encouraged to use the Word of the Day in what they say. The grammarian can use the tally sheet to track use of the Word of the day by speakers.
  • Notes word or phrases that are not grammatically correct.
  • Highlight inappropriate words or phrases cliches and over-used colloquialism.
  • Identify words used with the wrong meaning or in the wrong context.
  • Highlight exceptional word usage and phrasing.

Sample script

Fellow Toastmasters, Friends and Guest.

My role as a Grammarian is to pay attention to the good use of English and provide suggestions for improvements. At the end of the meeting, I will give you my report.

Before that, I would like to introduce the Word of the Day. The Word of the Day is to help fellow members to enrich your vocabulary, one meeting at a time, so you can have a vast array of word to use to prepare your speech. For this meeting, the Word of the Day is ________, meaning ____________________. For example: _________________.

You are encouraged to use the Word of the Day as frequent as you could in this meeting and I will count how frequent this word has been used. I will provide my report at the end of the meeting.

When you here someone uses the word of the day, please knock on the table a few times as a gesture of encouragement.

Back to you Ms./Mr Toastmasters of the Evening