General Evaluator

The General Evaluator evaluates everything that takes place during the club meeting. In addition, the General Evaluator conducts the evaluation portion of the meeting and is responsible for the evaluation team: the speech evaluators, Ah Counter, Grammarian and Timer.

Following list is an example. You do not need to do all of them. Pick a few items that you notice during the meeting.

*Things to evaluate

  1. Presiding Officer
    • Did the meeting start on time?
    • Were the guests welcomed?
  2. Toastmaster
    • Were the meeting roles explained?
    • Were guests given an opportunity to introduce themselves?
    • Did the introductions include…
      • a brief biographical sketch?
      • the objectives of the speech?
      • the speech title?
    • Were the transitions between speeches smooth?
    • Did the segues between speeches show that the Toastmaster was listening?
    • Will the meeting end on time?
  3. Table Topics Master
    • Were the topics appropriate?
    • Were the topics introduced in 1 minute or less?
    • Were any special techniques (e.g., props, gestures) employed?
    • Were members called on in the appropriate order (those with no role, then smaller roles, then larger roles)?
    • Were guests invited to participate?
  4. Table Topics Participants
    • How has each speaker improved?
    • Were any special techniques (rephrase, artful dodge) used?
    • What, in terms of the mechanics of impromptu speaking, can be improved?
  5. Evaluators
    • Was the book report summary avoided?
    • Was the ‘sandwich’ technique employed:
      • Did it begin on a positive note?
      • Was at least one suggestion for improvement made?
      • Were more than 3 suggestions made?
      • Was encouragement added at the close?
  • Amenities
    • Banner in place?
    • Lectern and gavel available?
    • Ribbons in place for distribution at the end of meeting?
    • Ballots distributed to audience?
    • TM Members wearing their badges?
    • Were guests greeted at the door?
    • Did you see members speaking to guests during the break?
  • Punctuality
    • Did the meeting start on time, at 7:30pm?
    • Did the evaluation portion start on time?
    • Does it appear the meeting will end on time, at 9:00pm?
  • Efficiency
    • Roles assigned?
    • Last minute role changes addressed smoothly?
    • Was there obvious confusion before the meeting, or did the Toastmaster and other members handle things in stride?
    • Did it appear the Toastmaster had received bios for all of the speakers?
    • Were the evaluators prepared?
    • Were the speakers’ manuals in the evaluators’ hands?

*Useful Links

*Sample Script

[Go to the podium]

Mister (Madam) Toastmaster, Fellow Toastmasters, and Guests

This is the evaluation portion of our meeting. First, we will hear Speech Evaluators give evaluations of tonight’s prepared speeches. Next, I will ask each duty holder to give his/her duty report. I will then give my general evaluation of the overall meeting.

Each Speech Evaluator will speak for 2 to 3 minutes.

[Present Speech Evaluators in the order in which the speeches were given.]

Our first evaluator is __________, evaluating __________’s speech, “_________.”

[Introduce evaluator.] Please help me welcome ___________. [Lead applause until Evaluator takes the podium.]

Our second evaluator is ………

Our third evaluator is ………

After the last evaluator

May we have a timer’s report please?

Please cast your vote for Best Evaluator.

[Call for the report from each duty holder: Grammarian, “Ah” Counter, and Listener.]

[Present evaluation of the overall meeting, commending each participant for something done well, making one or two observations and suggestions for improvement (if any), and ending with a comment on something you liked about the meeting in general.]

I now return control of the meeting to this evening’s Toastmaster, ________________.

Mister (Madam) Toastmaster