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Ken Ashcorp - Wear

Bandcamp: https://kenashcorp.bandcamp.com/track/wear
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/wear-single/id1006925941
Slow, relaxing and melancholic. A song for a tired soul, wrought with wear and tear.
Art by: http://manga.clone-army.org

They will tear her down
Piece by piece, seam by seam
They will murder everything
And all she has left is her angelic dream

Lost to the rags
Stitch after stitch, she never gives up
Blood on her shirt again
But she does it all for love

Petty like a petticoat
A whore for the words she wrote
That they never heard her speak
In a dress bespoke

Sail away for that seifuku
And darling do feel comfortable just being you
Wear a smile, wear a frown
Wear it up when it wears you down, darling
Wear whatever you like

They will tear her down
Prick after prick, yeah they're all the same
She's scars to tell the story of her words
That she hides 'cause she's ashamed

Lost to the rags
Tears in her eyes and mud on her shoes
She wants to scream that she loves her
But they just make her sing the blues

It wasn't 'bout the jeans she wore
'cause she's got the price tag in that store
It's not enough, it's not enough
It should be more

Sail away for that seifuku
And darling do feel comfortable just being you
Wear a smile, wear a frown
Wear it up when it wears you down, darling
Wear whatever you like

She's stronger than the Martins
Lacing up her boots
They feel heavy as the burden that she bears
Who cares what she wears
Try as you might
It's you she doesn't like

Sail away for that seifuku
And darling do feel comfortable just being you
Wear a smile, wear a crown
I'll be there if you're feeling down
Darling, wear whatever you like

Sail away for that seifuku
Wear a smile, wear a frown
Wear it up if it wears you down, darling
Wear whatever you like

WEARABLE FASHION TRENDS 2021 | What to wear Spring Summer

What to wear
Spring Summer

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*Some of these links may be affiliates which means I make a small percentage from what you spend. This doesn’t change the cost to you but does help me to create more content for you to enjoy:)

Hello everyone, hope you've all had a great week:) Today I'm sharing all the latest fashion trends for 2021. Your ultimate guide to the most wearable trends, how to style them and what to wear this Spring Summer.

I'm all for a bit of positivity so I'm hopeful we'll all be out and about in our floral dresses before we know it! I've linked everything below plus a few extra outfit ideas I found along the way. I've tried to keep the price points as wide as possible so hopefully there's something for everyone's budget.

If you're currently in lockdown like we are in the UK I'm sending an extra big hug. I know it's tough, I feel it too, but I'm always here for a chit chat and a good fashion distraction if anyone needs it:)

I'd love to hear your favourite fashion trends for 2021? Will you be reaching for the sorbet tones or monochrome all the way? It's always lovely to hear all your thoughts:) Big hugs, Jess x

My frilled mint blouse I’m wearing https://bit.ly/3nSO427

Midi length from New Look https://bit.ly/35dIVv3
I actually found an even nicer one than what I featured at Reformation https://bit.ly/2LOIYq1
Bold and bright and under £30 https://bit.ly/2LqYjNl
Of course Sezane https://bit.ly/39ojPuC
Pink floral mini at \u0026 Other Stories https://bit.ly/35eQ2U2
Parisian style long frilled blue dress https://bit.ly/35ASpRb

I’m wearing chino’s, I have these in tan, olive green and the navy! https://bit.ly/3oEUfIk
Similar floaty white blouse https://bit.ly/2Xqu0Jm
My tan bucket bag https://bit.ly/2LwbxZN
Blazer https://bit.ly/38GeXSt
Alternative sandals https://bit.ly/3i98zGl

Spring khaki trench coat https://bit.ly/3qhtMRn
Lighter tone at Maje Paris https://bit.ly/3ol2lWf
I love this version for £215 https://bit.ly/3qfUD07
Trousers on sale https://bit.ly/38g7g57
Deep green gym wear https://bit.ly/3i7LGmE
Affordable long dress https://bit.ly/2KTwY6R
Chino’s as per my outfit
Full length dress https://bit.ly/2L755Iu

I love this new in blush one too https://bit.ly/3ibq2OI
Affordable light blue dress https://bit.ly/35csWxd
Yellow summer dress https://bit.ly/2XchCge
Pastel pink trousers https://bit.ly/2MEF0Rv
Mint coat https://bit.ly/38e90vD

Cream cut out jumper https://bit.ly/3qekFRu
Stories cut out top https://bit.ly/3sg2qgp
Bodysuit https://bit.ly/38F1Wsv
Polka dot dress with long sleeves https://bit.ly/3pRTmfy
Designer version https://bit.ly/2XikEiQ
Red gown interpretation https://bit.ly/3ni38FZ

With lace inserts https://bit.ly/3bAqR2f
Chic for less https://bit.ly/3hPkBEE
Bohemian style https://bit.ly/3nGs2iI
Organic cotton and on sale https://bit.ly/2X2D33n
I love this long T-shirt dress https://bit.ly/2LarFzZ
Feminine mini https://bit.ly/2Xbjwhd
Elegant midi https://bit.ly/2MGk0tF
Classic poplin https://bit.ly/3pS3Dsk
Short romper I’ve fallen in love with! https://bit.ly/2L5XY2Y

I might try sizing up in my favourite jeans https://bit.ly/35Lqmxg
I also have these https://bit.ly/2Jc5cBm
Agolde 90s jeans https://bit.ly/35DoNT7
Darts at Mango https://bit.ly/35eNyVI
H\u0026M conscious https://bit.ly/3qkcDX4
Super baggy https://bit.ly/2MCSwFd

Affordable high st grey check https://bit.ly/38fGZUM
My khaki version as before
Light tan https://bit.ly/395jYCT
Grey stripes https://bit.ly/35eKSam
Classic black https://bit.ly/2X9DFUR

Tailored in clay https://bit.ly/3sl8CDD
Chic on a budget https://bit.ly/3rXw0qT
Paper bag style high end of the high street https://bit.ly/3nzv48E
Pale pink https://bit.ly/3bghNPU

My black skinny jeans https://bit.ly/3spfAI6
Classic white shirt https://bit.ly/39v0U1c
My heels https://bit.ly/2XyOBvi
Anine Bing https://bit.ly/3i8wQMR
Frilled dress https://bit.ly/3nhTP97
Dotty https://bit.ly/35hNapj

I just bought this set https://bit.ly/38SpYkg
A hint of sparkle https://bit.ly/2MQ1TBp
Chic for less Winter whites https://bit.ly/3rZBDVA
Grey fine knit https://bit.ly/2XcbxAm
Skirt set https://bit.ly/3nkoWRs
Contrast stripe https://bit.ly/3nGu2rB

Beautiful rose slip https://bit.ly/3qfccgT
Pastel green https://bit.ly/2XEtK9Q
Golden brown https://bit.ly/3bzfR59

#fashiontrends #2021 #whattowear

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