20180306 #84

<180306 Incheon Toastmasters Meeting>

= Theme =
* Friendship
= Word of the Day =
* Clear the air

= Toastmaster =
* Haram Jeong
=Table Topics Master=
* Taeyoung Jeon
=General Evaluator=
* Andy Wooseok Jeong

= Prepared Speech =
* James Ban
– Mutiny, CC1

= Debate Session =
“Are single sex schools more effective than co-ed schools in terms of education”
(Winner Team: Con)
* Pro
– Sangho
– Taeyoung
– Justin
– HeeDong
– HyoBin
– Joan

= Awards =
* Best Table Topics Speaker
– HyoBin Lee
* Best Evaluator
– Jihye Park

= Members/Guests Numbers =
* 5/5

“It was a small meeting compared to the usual ones that we normally have, but it was one of the most successful meetings I reckon! We only had one prepared speaker for tonight that we had to prepare an extra debate session, in which ALL of our first time guests participated in with so much passion and enthusiastic minds, and that certainly made this particular session go very successful and inspiring. Thank you so much everyone and I hope to see you guys again in days to come 

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