20180227 #83

<180227 Incheon Toastmasters Meeting>

= Theme =
* Failure
= Word of the Day =
* Stepping Stone

= Toastmaster =
* Haram Jeong
=Table Topics Master=
* Taeyoung Jeon
=General Evaluator=
* Sook Young Jeon

= Prepared Speech =
* Justin Lee
– Invisible Treasure, CC1
* Eunjung Han (Joan)
– Oral Reading in Group, CC2
* Andy Wuseok Jeong
– Lose or Die, CC3

= Awards =
* Best Speaker
– Andy Wuseok Jeong
* Best Table Topics Speaker
– David (Guest)

= Members/Guests Numbers =
* 7/5

“For this meeting in particular, I strongly encouraged the members to prepare their speeches and sessions based on the theme that I had given last week. And, I was so thankful to see how all the participants, even the guest who gave his first Ice Breaking Speech, sincerely accepted my suggestion and delivered their speech accordingly. Wonderful 
We also had a very special visitor yesterday, Sook Young Jeon, who was a formal president of our club last year. She is moving to the US in a week, so we will not see her for a while, but Sook Young, I wish you all the best in the US and please do keep in touch with us all 

p.s. We did not choose the Best Evaluator for the meeting because all the evaluators were not qualified… We will save the ribbon for our next meeting. Let’s not forget about the importance of time management!

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